She Chooses To Stay


He was sleeping next to her. And then she started to hugging him. She missed him so much. And felt tired. Tired of all the problems they faced recently. She didn’t mean to start a war. She never did that. She was just…afraid. Afraid of losing him, because she loves him too much.

But they were here, in this cold night. Tried to convince each other that they still belong together. Her tears started to fall down. No, she wouldn’t let him sees her crying, so she just tried to calm her down. Slowly wiped her tears and continued to hug him. Sometimes kissed him.

“I miss you. I miss us.” She whispered.

She always misses him. She always wants to hold him. She always forgives him. She always thinks that she is the only one who can accept his shortcomings, and still loves him. She always makes sure that he loves her too. She always believes that they are belong together. No matter what. So, she chooses to stay.


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