Malibu Girl



She was in pain

She lost her lover

She lost herself

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Sudah lama rasanya kita tak bercengkrama berdua. Hanya berdua. Kau dan aku. Rindu kepadamu sudah di ubun-ubun. Aku tak canggung lagi untuk mengatakan rindu kepadamu, lebih tepatnya kepada orang yang aku anggap sangat kukenal, dan sangat mengenaliku.

“Aku rindu.”

“Kau atur saja.” Balasnya.

Saat ini juga! Aku ingin bertemu saat ini juga. Lalu kuatur segala sesuatu agar kita dapat bertemu.

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What Would You Do?


What would you do if you was me, I was you?
Would you move on, go, and find someone new?
I know it hurts believe that I’m hurting too
I guess I can’t hide it as well as you
Well look, I woke up feeling alone and so empty
But even then all I could think of was you and me

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She Chooses To Stay


He was sleeping next to her. And then she started to hugging him. She missed him so much. And felt tired. Tired of all the problems they faced recently. She didn’t mean to start a war. She never did that. She was just…afraid. Afraid of losing him, because she loves him too much. Continue reading


Happy Birthday!


19 years ago, God sent a sweet baby to this world. A little sweet handsome boy. Everyone had no patient to see him. He is the first child for this little family. Everyone kept pray for the birth. Both for the baby and the strong mommy.

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